Glaxo Single Stage Impinger – EP Apparatus A


European Pharmacopeia 2.9.18 Apparatus A is a single stage liquid impinger that can be used to determine the Fine Particle Fraction of several types of devices – nebulisers, pressurised inhalers (MDIs) and powder inhalers (DPIs)

Detail Specification

The single stage glass impinger also known as the Glaxo Impinger operating at 60 lpm +/- 5 lpm uses the principle of liquid impingement to divide the dose emitted from the inhaler or nebuliser into the non-respirable dose impacting on the mouth and oropharynx which is swallowed and the remaining respirable dose. The apparatus is relatively simple, easy to use and rugged in construction and is ideal for routine Quality Control applications. The Glass Single Stage Impinger comes complete with base plate and appropriate clamps, boss heads and fittings as standard.