Waste Shot Collector


The NEW IMPROVED DESIGN Waste Shot Collector” (WaSC) is used to trap particles emitted by pharmaceutical inhalers of both liquid and powder type aerosols from Metered Dose (MDI) or Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI).

During routine testing of MDI and DPI inhalers, there is a need to fire shots to waste, e.g. there may be a need to analyze the middle or the last few doses or shots of each inhaler. It is therefore necessary to actuate the inhaler or fire many times prior to sample collection. Dose wasting is usually done in an exhaust hood or fume cupboard. The WaSC2 offers the ability to collect from the inhaler within the lab without the need of an expensive exhaust system. The collector is small enough to fit on a bench and is powered by compressed air typically accessible in most labs. The new automatic visibility sensor provides a fast start/ stop feature upon approaching the WaSC inlet. The hands-free action starts and stops the vacuum air flow when the inhaler is moved close to or away from the inlet.

Features and Benefits

  • Bench top system requires no fume or extraction system
  • Auto-start actuation with LED proximity detection sensor
  • Manual and Remote signal switch start options available
  • Disposable filter canister with simple quick-turn release
  • Thousands of shots per filter before replacement
  • Vacuum flow rate established at greater than 150 L/min
  • Can be fitted with any standard Mouth Piece Adaptors
  • Solenoid uses low voltage DC power; Mains 110 to 230 VAC
  • Routine house air at 5 Bar (~73 psi) to quick connect fitting

Automation Options

Shown above is the WaSC2 interface with the VERTUS MDI “Shake & Fire” Actuation Station. The start function is triggered by the Vertus via remote signal cable option. Both devices use routine lab air and power supplies.