About Westech

Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech) specialises in the marketing and manufacture of all types of instrumentation for the measurement and collection of particulate and dust. We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of existing devices, technologies and trusted methods as well as access to many different sampling technologies and equipment manufacturers.

Custom Design Solutions

We will find and design solutions to the most demanding sampling tasks, often through the innovative application of known technologies, for all types of aerosol including ambient, automotive, emission, pharmaceutical and biological.

Comprehensive Support

Westech also provides a comprehensive service and support programme for all particulate monitoring systems in the field, including a maintenance and calibration service for the pharmaceutical industry and a UKAS compliant traceable calibration service for the environmental monitoring market.

Contact Information

Westech Scientific Inc. (Westech)
Email: sal@westechinstruments.com

Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech)
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Westech Instruments

Westech Sceintific Instruments (Westech) is focused specifically on the needs of pharmaceutical and environmental markets. Traditionally, the company’s core business was based on the collection and characterization of particulate matter and dust. In recent years, the company has expanded its product offerings in related fields to better serve its customers. In the pharmaceutical market, Westech provides an extensive range of equipment focusing on Inhalation Drug Testing products and Automation systems for the Pharmaceutical industry. Westech also provides solutions for environmental monitoring and the sampling of stack emissions. With office locations in Europe and North America, Westech provides personal direct support to clients in all major regions. Now considered to be one of the worlds leading suppliers of Inhalation Testing Products to the Pharmaceutical Industry, Westech continues to develop innovative products and solutions.

Our Mission

Westech designs, manufactures and distributes high quality instruments and services related to pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and environmental testing. We promote core products and expertise while constantly reviewing and developing new innovations to increase industry presence. Client relationships and business partnerships will ensure further success and continue our growth worldwide.